Welcome To Our Website!

Welcome to our official website! We are here to introduce you to Klinik Pergigian Alan Adlan!

On 19th of February 2011, Klinik Pergigian Alan Adlan held a Grand Opening Ceremony to celebrate the clinic’s official opening along with KLIA Travel Agency sponsored by Wisma KLIA Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Welcome to our clinic! Please make yourself at home!

Our host of the day!

We started the ceremony with du’a to show our gratitude to God for this special day.

One of the director of KLIA Holdings, IR. Mohd. Hanaffi, gave a speech regarding the official opening.

Let the feast begin!

The clinic’s ribbon is cut indicating the official opening of ‘Klinik Pergigian Alan Adlan’.

Dr. Adlan(right end) and his friends!

“Congrats, Dr Adlan!”

Our invited guest!

The Kids Corner!

“Having fun there?”

Dr. Adlan’s wife, Farah Nawwar.

Thank you for reading and spazzing! =)

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